Full Circle

Dear friends and fellow colour enthusiasts!

It feels so surreal that after nearly five years, my first self published book “Jewels of Nature” is finally officially released!!

A new chapter in its journey has begun as it travels around the world and into homes all over our glorious planet.

In the last year of the painting and photography stage, I longed for the day when I could return- book in hand- to the places and plants featured within the its pages.

These visits have been humbling and hopeful and have further deepened my love and understanding of what the core value of “Jewels of Nature” is about- that nature is beautiful and a paradox- it is both fleeting and solid…

The beach

The very first place to take my book to was the beach in New Zealand where it ALL started- where I found the stones that would become the very first mandala stones. That was 2013 and sitting on this beach 6 years on with a book filled with photographs of mandala stones was dreamy.

IMG_3939 copy.jpg


I was so nervous walking into this garden a few months ago… 2 years earlier on a New Years trip to Christchurch I had found this garden and the most beautiful pink bottlebrush. I was nervous because this was the first location to visit with the book and I was scared that the bush would no longer be there. I was pleasantly surprised to see it blooming happy and free. With so much change in this world it was wonderful to have something beautiful stay the same.

IMG_3904 copy.jpg

Giant Nodding PIncushion

In 2016 we were driving down a hill and a burst of orange made me stop- this glorious specimen just had to be captured and honoured.

This time, I almost missed seeing the bush- I began to think it had gone when I saw a single firey ball- the plant had quadrupled in size, and despite being the same time of year as before, it only had one bloom. I felt so grateful that I was able to capture it when it was a cluster.

A little bit of

Red Cap Gum

Now in my hometown Perth, Australia, I was eager to visit the Red Cap Gum. I was not going to publish this book without featuring one of my favourite Australian plants. I was thrilled to arrive and see the tree in full bloom and good health. Once again- I felt comforted that in this changing world - this tree thrives. I felt like I was visiting an old friend. I also happened to have the very stone with me- so it was a very special full circle moment.

IMG_3906 copy.jpg

Porcupine Banksia

Sadly, the actual banksia plant in the book was no longer there. Its neighbour was, so I captured this moment anyway… It is both a reminder of the impermanence of life and second chances.

IMG_3907 copy.jpg


I returned home to Canada just as spring was dawning. I was welcomed with a glorious sight- daffodil hill was in full bloom. This hill has become a symbol of hope for me- a sign that sunnier days are always around the corner.

IMG_3910 copy.jpg


This year, the bluebell field was sparse compared to the one that I photographed them. That year they lay like a thick purple blanket. I was happy to see the sunny dandelions adding a lovely contrasting colour to this years blanket- and the bees were grateful too!

IMG_3911 copy.jpg

Yulan Magnolia

The last of the stories I have to share (to date) is the queen of magnolias- a very old tree and so I was impressed to see her blooming again. However the lower part of the tree was not blooming- which was strange- there were no flowers within reach. I was so grateful that they were when I created this page 2 years ago as it is a very special one.

IMG_3914 copy.jpg

I look forward to revisiting many more of these special sites- these full circle moments and sharing them with you!

With gratitude