My Ravensburger puzzle!

Dear friends and fellow colour enthusiasts!

I am so excited to share with you a very special project and dream come true for me- "One dot at a time" -  my art on a puzzle


I was honoured when I was approached by Ravensburger to create a puzzle. It's been on my goal list for over a decade! I love puzzles! I've played with them since I was a kid and my Mum reminded me that we had a Ravensburger puzzle of a windmill.


I love the image Ravensburger chose which is also one of my most popular images - "Rainbow Mandala Stones". This puzzle is a whopping 1500 pieces and is not for the faint hearted- but it is a wonderful challenge! We set our dining room table up for the puzzle and it has given us hours of fun. It has been so lovely when friends have come by our home and have sat down and joined in. It is quite addictive once you get going! What I love about it is that it is a great exercise in colour matching (thank goodness the stones are in rainbow order) and it fun to see the mandala stones appear!


Lilu has been quite intrigued by the whole thing and she regularly comes to investigate and check on our progress...

Untitled-1 copy.JPG

I find puzzles quite meditative- I really get into a focused "zone". And of course there's the rewarding feeling when a piece fits into place! This puzzle is available at many stores around the world and of course online directly from Ravensburger- here. For international orders you can find it here on Amazon.

We are 95% finished- which is a bitter sweet feeling!

Use hashtag- #elspethsmandalapuzzle so I can see you and your family enjoying this puzzle.