Welcome to my New Website!

Hello, and welcome to my new website! My golly gosh, am I ever thrilled to share it with you! It is a story of great a creative collaboration and one that deserves to be told. 

For many years I felt empowered by being a “one-woman team.” I did everything myself, from creating my art, to my social media, emails, packaging and posting orders, photography, website, accounting and all of the other little things it takes to run a business. As I never imagined my art to take off the way it did, I didn’t have the groundwork laid to support the growth and attention I have received. 

Over the last few years, being a one-woman team began to feel like a burden. I began falling behind and out of my comfort and knowledge zones on many levels. I had to let go and realize that it is ok to not have all the answers and it is equally ok to ask for help. I reframed my thinking, and now it feels absolutely fantastic and empowering to collaborate with others in their expertise. This has come in the forms of accounting, branding advice, photography and this wonderful new website. 

I built my first website years ago, and it worked for me at the time. One day when I landed on my Home Page, I was overcome with a feeling of “this does not represent me or my art!” The day had come to invest in the skills and knowledge of some experts. Papermoon, a wonderful consulting and design agency, was recommended to me. They worked their magic and drew out the best in me. Through many laughs and a couple of tears we reveal my new website! 

I dedicated myself to a complete overhaul. Everything was rewritten. We created a logo! I’ve never had a logo before!. We found just the right colours and font to help reflect my art and I. With the photography talent and expertise of my talented friend Grace Thomas; every single item has been newly photographed to best represent and showcase my art. 

new website photo 1.JPG

I collaborated with Maggie Jane in Portland to create some beautiful ambient photography of me at work and of my work on display. This was the first time I had ever had my artwork officially photographed through the lens of another. Everyone has a different way of seeing and experiencing things- especially art. To see my art come to life through Maggie Jane’s creative eye was thrilling. 

new website photo 2.jpg

While visiting family in New Zealand, I came across the photography of Tegan Clark. We had two photo shoots together- one at my special beach (where I found the first stones that would become my Mandala Stones) and the other in one of my favourite gardens. To have these places and experiences memorialised in photographs with my art was a very special experience. 

new website photo 3.JPG

As I was nearing completion for my website I realized that I didn't have any photography showcasing my Mandala Stone Pendants. I just love the Pendants I create and so I organised a photoshoot with  Amber Briglio. I borrowed my friends garden one afternoon (thanks Mae!) and I had fun styling the shoot myself. I bought all the flowers I could find from the local road side stalls, as well as flowers gifted from friends, to add extra colour to the shoot aswell as my flower crowns. I am overjoyed with the results!  


As social media is changing and algorithms are controlling and restricting what we see on our feeds- we are missing out on valuable news and information. Because of this, it was very important to me that I create a place on the internet where I can share information and inspiration with all of you. My hope is that my website is uplifting and colourful - a place you can come to and feel good, happy and encouraged by what you see and read. I now have a one stop destination where you can find everything you need to know about my art and I (and even purchase it, if you’d like)! 

Thank you for reading, kindred friend, and I do hope you enjoy the new home of all things Elspeth McLean art. It has been a labor of love, feel free to drop by again soon. 


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