My studio!!!

Dear friends and fellow colour enthusiasts!

I have been sooooo excited to create this journal entry!!!...A look into my loft studio!! We moved into this home 18 months ago but as you know, settling into a new home takes time. After moving, I was so ready to get back to painting that it took me months to even start decorating! Which says a lot because I loooove decorating! 

Before we have a peek into my creative space, I want to share my history of art studios. I believe that an artist does not need an art studio to create. By that I mean- you don't need a whole, separate room dedicated to art making. All you need, is your own little space- wherever you can find it! If you wait for the perfect circumstance and surroundings to create art- you could wait forever- and you just need to get out there and make the art!!

 It was 8 years into my art career until I had my own room! For years I would make my own little "creation station" wherever I could. That meant- a small table in the lounge room, my own bedroom and once even in the kitchen of a share house! Here are some photos of my studios over the years.... (make sure to click on the actual image so you can read details about each one)...

In the last 12 years  I went from moving out of home and across country, to moving interstate once more before moving overseas to Canada. In that time I moved 12 times, lived in 4 share houses, was couch surfing at friends homes for 6 months, lived with Adam's parents for 8 months, had all my belongings in storage twice and lived out of a suitcase for countless more months. So moving into our current home, was definitely a relief- and time- to put some roots down. 

Our home is 3 stories, as it is built on a hill, and open plan style. My loft is on the 3rd floor and overlooks our lounge room. What I love about it is that while I still have my own space, I am not cut off from the rest of the house. I had my friend Amber Briglio come over this Winter to capture my cozy studio. To begin the tour, here is a wide angle view of my space....

Amber Briglio Photography1_5 copy.JPG

Where ever I set up my art space, I fill it with the things I love and that inspire me. So that means lots of colour, texture, art by myself and friends, ambient lighting and personal momentos. The desk where I paint is nestled into the gorgeous window nook- and sometimes I imagine I am on a ship! My window, letting in lots of natural light, looks out on the forest.

Amber Briglio Photography1_51 copy.JPG

You may have seen in my photos on social media, some rainbow bottles... firstly I love glassware and how they catch the light and as you all know I love rainbows. In its drawer is where I keep finished mandala stones! The rainbow bottle collection began during a photo shoot with my friend Maggie Jane. I had always dreamed of having a collection, and she encouraged me to do it! This display is my pride and joy and here is the entire view of that very special space and some close ups... 

Untitled-1 copy.JPG

One of my other favourite parts of this room is what I call "The Dream Bed". This futon (dressed up with fabrics and cushions from Morocco) is a cozy little space with a multitude of purposes. I sit here to sketch, read and "dream" my next work. Sometimes Adam will sit up here and play his guitar while I paint. My friends and I drink tea up here. And of course it is one of Lilu's (our kitty cat pictured here) favourite places to sleep. It is the perfect little zone to relax.

Amber Briglio Photography1 copy.JPG

No studio tour is complete without a little video!! My friend Zoltan of Unseen Creative came over to film a one-shot clip to capture my studio- paying special attention to my Rainbow Drawer. It was so fun to make!

Thank you so much for joining me on my studio tour! I leave you with some photos of me creating and with a reminded to "create art anywhere you can!"