2017- A year in review

Dear friends and fellow colour enthusiasts!

Well here we are, at the end of 2017 and at the beginning of 2018. I love the New Year, I feel it brings with it the feeling of a fresh start. 

2017 was another busy year for me- lots of painting, lots of adventuring, lots of "to-do" list boxes ticked, lots of "to-do" list boxes NOT ticked off! and lots of other unexpected gems along the way.

Let me take you on a little journey of my 2017 art year in review! I have selected my favourite arty moments of this year to share with you.

Firstly completing this website felt like a massive accomplishment and I am so proud of it! 

I was honoured to have my image "Journey of the Raven" featured in both We'Moon's Datebook and Calendar. I have admired We'Moon for years so being part of this amazing collaboration was a dream come true.

IMG_4101 copy.jpg

Speaking of Calendars, I was thrilled to partner with one of my favourite Calendar companies, Brushdance, on a 2018 Calendar named "Mindful Mandalas". Each month is teamed with a beautiful inspirational quote and seriously- this Calendar is stunning! The Calendar has sold out on their website (woo hoo!) but it is still available on Amazon.


A wishlist item for my art has long been to have my art grace the cover of a book and my oh my did 2017 deliver! My art ended up on the cover of 2 books!

"Journey of the Raven" was very popular this year and was chosen to be the cover image for Jeff D. Nixa's new book "The Lost Art of Heart Navigation". I just love love love the way this turned out and the book is a wonderfully informative, guiding and gentle discovery into discovering one's soul's purpose. You can get your own copy here

IMG_7864c copy.jpg

For my next book cover, I have to admit, I was a wee bit star struck when Lucy H. Pearse contacted me about being the cover artist of her latest book "Full Circle Health: Integrated Chart Tracking for Women". I've been a fan of Lucy's work and art for years so to have my image "Keeping a Loving Heart, Mandala" on the cover was an honour. The book is a journal style guide to supporting and encouraging tracking of one's health and well being and is available here


You may have read in my Journey, that I studied Art Therapy. During this time, one of my favorite things to do was to hold workshops to give people to space to express themselves creatively. After my studies I found myself concentrating on my own artwork but recently I have felt the call to get back to teaching/holding workshops. This year I was able to fulfill that desire as I was accepted to skill-share at the Spirit Weavers Gathering. I held a Mandala Stone Painting workshop under the trees and I've got to say- it was a lot of fun! We practiced our dot painting before moving on the stones. It was so special seeing the women create their own masterpiece- each one was SO different and unique. It was a highlight of the Gathering for me.

IMG_7437 copy.jpg

Over the last few years, my artwork has mainly "lived" on the internet. I've been really wanting to connect with my fellow, local artists as well as exhibiting my work in public. I was over the moon that my piece "Lead me to the Dessert" got accepted into the Sooke Fine Art Show. It is the biggest, most prestigious show in my area- with over 1500 pieces selected only 375 were accepted- so you can imagine how thrilled I was! This Art Show is a lot of fun and the Artists Celebration is not to be missed. I love getting together and meeting new and old friends as we cheer each other on.  

IMG_7422 copy.jpg

One of my absolute highlights of the year- personally and artistically was fulfilling my bucket list wish of attending an art retreat in Morocco. I have had this very specific wish on my list for over 4 years- so to live this experience was everything and more I could dream of. When my friends Faith Evan Sills and Mati Rose announced earlier this year they were holding another Painting the Sacred Within art retreat in Morocco I signed up immediately. I was going to "sleep on it" but I couldn't sleep so I booked it! I had missed their Moroccan retreat in 2016 so I was determined for 2017 to be my year. I could write a whole blog post or two on this experience- actually I think I will so keep an eye out. The retreat and Morocco was just what I needed.  My inspiration cup filled up to overflowing! The place- the people- the food- the colour, the challenges- all of it was just amazing. Our group was SO much fun and I found the sweetest friendships and supports among these women that I will always cherish. Artistically I got to experiment with techniques I've never tried before like stenciling! I loved playing with layering my artwork and I also reignited my love of journalling and watercolour. I read somewhere that "Morocco is a bucket list experience" and that once you achieve this wish "Going back to Morocco" is then added to the list! So I am dreaming of going back soon.

To end this Journal entry, and the year, let's look at my "top 9" images on Instagram! I love how colourful they are- and so centered around Nature which I just love. Thank you so so much for engaging and encouraging me, I truly appreciate it!

insta copy.jpg

Well folks, that's a wrap! Once again, I send a whole hearted thanks out to you all. I truly wish you and yours a wonderful 2018,