All stones have been collected legally and with permission. Mandala Stones are purely decorative and are not a toy. Please be mindful around displaying them with small children around.


Where do you find such round stones?

My husband (Adam) and I spend hours on the beach searching for these perfectly round stones. We estimate that between the two of us, we gather around 10-15 stones per hour.

Do you sell unpainted round stones so that I can paint some myself?

No. Discovering the stone to paint is part of the fun and the journey! It may be as close as your own backyard.

When did you start painting Mandala Stones?

On the 10th of April 2013. What a beautiful day!

How many stones/pendants are available on sale date?

This number varies, ranging anywhere from 15-25 pieces.

How long does it take you to create a stone?

Depending on the size and intricacy of the piece, a completed stone can take several hours and even up to days to complete. However, the total time invested includes much more than the painting itself. I also factor in time spent travelling to find them, collecting them, cleaning/preparing them, and photographing them for the world to see.

How much does a Mandala Stone Cost?

Prices begin at around $100 USD and go up from there, depending on the style and intricacy of the stone. Sizes range from 3.5cm up to 10cm in diameter. The cost of a piece of art is more than just the creation of the piece. It involves- travelling to find stones, time spent finding stones, cleaning; preparing and painting the stones, photographing/editing the item and then creating a listing on my website. These are handmade individual pieces of art and are not mass-produced.

How do I care for my Mandala Stone or Pendant?

Mandala Stones are precious pieces of art and should be cared for as such. They are sealed with a layer of UV-resistant museum quality matte varnish to protect from dust and dirt. They are not water resistant and should never be submerged in water, washed with water or left outside. I also recommend that you do not keep Mandala Stones in areas such areas of moisture such as the bathroom or kitchen. Do not display in areas that are exposed to prolonged direct sunlight. Use a dry cloth to gently clean any dust/dirt from your stone. While the tactile texture of the stone is lovely to touch, please refrain from handling too much. You may want to occasionally brighten up the silver of your pendant with a polish cloth (just make sure not to polish the painted areas).

Can I commission a Mandala Stone as a gift or to signify a special event?

Not at this time. Rather, I am focusing my energies on nurturing my imagination, gallery and show participation, and some extra special upcoming projects (Be the first to hear about them by signing up for my newsletter at the bottom of the page!).

Can I be added to a waiting list to purchase a stone?

At this time, I do not offer a waiting list, nor do I reserve orders for special events.

How secure are Pendant Stones in their silver setting?

Very. Pendants are created in collaboration with my jeweller and friend, Jake Grant. He has 20+ years experience in the jewellery industry (he even made the wedding bands for my husband and me!). Jake carves a groove into the side of the stone where he then wraps wire to finish the piece and create a loop for a chain to go through. Because the wire wrap fits neatly into the carved groove, it makes it practically impossible to pull out of its fitting.

What do I hang my pendant from?

Each pendant comes with an 18” and 1.5mm thick silver-plated snake chain, featuring a Lobster Clasp.