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Shannon Guild

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Title: Business Strategist + Editor

My art is strategy. This means my “creations" help other artists bring their visions to life. I get to be a part of something bigger; expansive; collective - and that inspires me to no end!


Beth Brant

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Title: Brand Stylist + Website Designer

Being able to visually translate the essence of another human being is one of my greatest joys. I’m passionate about empowering others by providing them with a brand they are confident about and excited to share!


Britt Hyatt


Title: Website Developer

I love bringing "the magic" to life on the web! Helping business owners + branding experts take their vision to a beautiful, user-friendly experience brings me so much joy. 


Betsy Cordes


Title: Brand Strategy Advisor

I’m inspired by my unwavering belief in the potential held by each of my clients. There’s a common conception out there that artists can’t be good at business. Corollary to this is the notion that it’s nearly impossible to make a living as an artist. My clients prove these stereotypes wrong time and time again—and yet they still fall prey to the self-doubt those stereotypes can trigger. I help each client gain insight, knowledge and confidence in those specific areas where they need it. My mission is to help them conduct and see themselves as the brilliant creative entrepreneurs they are fully capable of being.


Grace Elaine


Title: Product Photography

I grew up in an artist’s household where I was always inspired to create and push myself and my photography forward to unknown places; as a photographer I capture the world as I see it but as a commercial artist I can alter my view to create work from a different point of view which opens new doors and is in a way my muse, forever challenging me to do more. My cheeks always hurt after a photo-shoot because I can never stop smiling; creating photographs brings me joy and satisfaction. I have always said the most human thing you can do is create art, it can bring people together, alter your mood and evolve your thinking; for me it takes me out of survival mode and gives me the ability to thrive! 

Maggie Jane.jpg

Maggie Jane Cech

Title: Stylist + Photographer

I am inspired by the connection between individuals and what lights them up, and I see styling and photography as an opportunity to bring ones magic even more to life.


Tegan Clark


Title: Beach and Mandala Stone Photographer

Photography has given so much.  I meet wonderful people, get to see new places, and I get a creative outlet that I am passionate about.  I am inspired by beautiful light, genuine smiles and laughter.


Amber Briglio


Title: Pendant Portraits

Photographing the beauty surrounding us, fantastic light, and inspiring nature combined with lovely subject either families, couples, or singles who connect in a meaningful and emotional way make me feel like I am creating art. Images that will bring smiles, tears, and good memories to my subjects, and those who view my images is important to me when I am creating my art as I want those images to not only look good, but be meaningful for today and the future. 


Chuck Cordes


Title: Site Legal Advice

Advocating for my artist clients is what I love to do. It's always interesting. Always fun. And I work with some of the nicest, smartest, most caring people you'll ever meet. I feel blessed to be able to follow this path.

Zoltan Promo.jpg

Zoltan Szoges

Title:  Videographer

Hi, my name is Zoltan, and I tell stories. Why do I tell stories? Well, I think everyone has a story, you just have to be open to see and hear it. I get inspired when I see other's working towards what they love and the fact that I get to use my art form, video production, to help elevate other peoples art, brands, causes, and businesses that they are passionate about, is something I am very thankful for. My work is meant to be invisible. I want to be a vessel that delivers a story, not distracts from it.


Lizzy Jenkins

Title:  Book Lifestyle Photography

I'm Lizzy, the creator and photo-taker here at The Little Letter r Photography, which is based in Perth, WA.

I'm chief snack-maker and bum-wiper to Miss Ruby who is my inspiration and muse behind my photography business. I wanted to capture her personality in a natural and creative way in my photography journey and now want to share that with others.

The Little Letter r Photography is all about capturing those special, candid moments in a whimsical and natural way. Capturing those cheeky smiles between siblings and the honest love that families share is what I value myself on.


Kenta Kikuchi


Title: Lifestyle Photos and Video

Hi! My name is Kenta Kikuchi and I live surrounded by spectacular nature on Pender Island. I started taking photos and videos when I was 8 years old as my grandma gave me a point and shoot camera as my birthday present. Since then I have been taking thousands of pictures mostly in natural environment, since that's the best place to get inspired from in my opinion.

I love doing photography and videography because I can capture the moments to look back. And a lot of the time it brings joy and happiness to the people. The smiles on people’s faces when they see the photos and videos - that’s what I do it for. Sounds cheesy but its true!