Woodmount- Friendly Fearless Fox

Woodmount- Friendly Fearless Fox

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Woodmount prints are being discontinued so are a special price until stock runs out!

This is an art print reproduction made of Elspeth Mclean’s original painting “Friendly Fearless Fox.” 


  • Dimension- 10 inch x 8 inch and 1cm deep 

  • Locally made 

  • Giclee print is created using archival ink set and printed onto 180-bond stock 

  • Print is UV protective over laminated onto MDF board 

  • Edges are black and are bevelled 

  • There is a keyhole slot in the back for level hanging 

  • Original painting was scanned at a high resolution to best replicate its colours and vibrancy but may be slightly different than what appears on your monitor screen 

The artist reserves all reproduction rights copyright Elspeth McLean. 

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