Artist Statement

Art is my own special and unique way of documenting my life journey. Painting is my happy place, and colour is the language of my soul. By using bright and vivid colours and my intricate dot technique, I create artwork that is both an expression of my life and the world around me in a joyous, uplifting way. In a world where so much darkness exists, I choose to be a light of positivity.

I draw my inspiration from life around me. Nature is my greatest muse, and it influences every piece of my art I create. Whether it be flora and fauna, animals, the glorious changing of the seasons, a sunset, the ocean, the phases of the moon, the stars at night… the inspiration is endless. My paintings are created based on scenes I’ve witnessed, moments I’ve experienced, or I want to express. I keep sketchbooks of quick scribbles, colour combinations, and my photographs and images that speak to me. I use these as reference points when creating a painting.

Acrylic has become my material of choice because of its rich, thick texture and quick dry and I love that this medium can keep up with the flow of my ideas. The use of dots in my artwork emerged through my love of using stippling as a way of shading while drawing in pen.

After filling several sketchbooks, I wanted to transfer these ideas onto canvas. Painting dots became my technique for contrasting light and dark, pattern and texture. It is also a very peaceful and meditative activity for me on a personal level.  

My future aspirations include licensing my art, illustration, teaching workshops, public exhibits, pottery, and creating a children’s book. But my greatest aspiration will always be to continue expressing and celebrating the colours of my soul and inspiring others to do the same.